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An Amazing Discovery

So yesterday we were sitting in our local Tim Horton's, continuing our pattern of mooching their WiFi (WiFi was finally installed today so now I only have to buy donuts for the love of donuts instead of out of guilt), when we decided to check out a nearby store called Bulk Barn. Admittedly, I have always complained about stores with "Barn" in their names. (No woman wants to shop in a barn, Dress Barn, so cut it out.) But peering through the window, I was intrigued by this particular barn. It looked like the entire store was a sea of bulk bins like you see at candy shops or in that section of Whole Foods where you can buy weird seeds. We went in, and that's EXACTLY WHAT IT IS. Except, it isn't just candy. IT'S EVERYTHING. Do you want rice? What kind would you like, because they have it. Nuts? Yup, they have those too. But it gets crazier: you can buy bulk cake frosting! You can buy bulk pie filling! You can buy bulk drink mix powder! Or flour! Or cornmeal! Or granola! Or cookies! Or trail mix! Or spices! Or corn chips! Why has no one thought of this before???

Bins bins and more bins, as far as the eye can see!

Look at all these spices!

Is that a bin of chocolate-covered Double Stuff Oreos? Yes, yes it is.

These are butters! BUTTERS!

So, after buying way too many things, I went home and looked up Bulk Barn. It's apparently a Canadian company with franchises throughout the country (none in the U.S.-- sorry, guys). The goal of selling in this format seems to be to cut down on packaging and waste. You can buy their branded glass jars and refill them each time you shop there so that there aren't containers to throw away. Not to mention, you can buy exactly how much you need of a product instead of getting stuck with a whole bottle when your recipe calls for a teaspoon of curry powder. I am now regretting moving here because I truly believe I could be a millionaire if I opened one of these stores in the OTP Atlanta suburbs. It would appeal to all the orthorexic women who insist on buying special chickpea flour and farro, but also allow them to throw the best kids' birthday parties ever by making amazing goodie bags filled with all the crazy pretty candy. Please steal this idea.

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