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Catching Up

We still don't have WiFi in our apartment, so I've fallen a little behind in my updates. I'm now sitting in a Tim Horton's (a sign I'm officially in Canada) mooching off their generous free WiFi. Anyway, that last post from the hotel in New York feels like a million years ago. Since then, we crossed the border (which was no fun at all-- turns out I have to do an export process on my car that I somehow didn't find during my research on moving, so that fun will start Monday), got the keys to our apartment (I swear the living room was bigger when I was here a month ago), and had our belongings delivered (very little was broken, despite the terrible packing job the transporters did-- see photo below).

Why yes, that is one mover standing on another mover's shoulders in an attempt to pry the truck door open because our stuff was so jammed in, they couldn't get it open.

The first day was a mess of boxes and lamenting our apparent hoarder tendencies. But by the end of Wednesday, we could actually sit on the couch unobstructed, which was a huge victory. Since then, we've set up new cell phones, scheduled cable and WiFi installation, found the post office, learned that Walmart Supercentres here are Quelle Terrible!, and received our first piece of mail (from our electric company-- the letter was entirely in French so I hope it didn't say anything important). We've decided that we'll likely spend the entirety of August figuring stuff out, like getting a Social Insurance Number, getting a healthcare card, getting a Canadian passport, and finding stuff like dry cleaners, grocery stores, hair salons, etc-- and making sure the shady Secretary of State in Georgia doesn't "accidentally" lose our absentee ballot requests. Oh, also signing up for government-provided French classes since it is becoming more and more obvious how truly awful I am at speaking French.

And for those of you losing sleep over concerns about Natasha's survival, she made the car trip pretty well and slept through her visit to the Canadian Border and Customs office. Since we arrived to the new apartment she's definitely been a bit out of sorts, but it's improving.

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After almost 20 years living in Atlanta, Georgia, my husband and I decided it was time to make a change. We packed up our lives, grabbed our beloved cat, and ventured North to re-make our lives in Montreal, Canada.  Did I mention we don't speak French yet?


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