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Fun at Foiegwa

One big thing that Marny and I were both excited about before moving to Montreal was the possibility of discovering lots of new restaurants. As avid followers of all things culinary, we spent a lot of time in Atlanta researching restaurants, following the growing restaurant scene, and, of course, eating at restaurants. However, as great as the ATL restaurant scene was, we started to feel like we'd tried it all. It was hard to get excited about dining out, and for us, it became noticeably less enjoyable.

We knew in advance that Montreal had a culinary scene that rivaled any other major city, but after arriving, we were reminded quickly that we knew next to nothing about the food here. We were the people in ATL who you could ask for a food recommendation, and we could easily reply with several great choices. That's a skill that develops from years of living in a city and trying almost everything. Now, we're the ones that need the advice.

Due to the overwhelming pace of the last week or so, we really haven't had much time to investigate Montreal's abundant restaurant scene. But thanks to social media, things tend to pop up when you least expect them. I saw a random post from MTLBlog's Instagram account a couple days ago about a place called Foiegwa. Funny name, but what was the food like? Well, they serve foie gras (super-rich, decadent, fatty duck liver, for those of you that aren't familiar), and you can literally add it to anything for the low, low price of $9.95.

Like we've mentioned before, this isn't a food blog, so I'll leave the lengthy food descriptions to the food bloggers. The menu was described as "French diner food," and if diners are like this in France, we may have moved to the wrong country. There were classic French dishes like escargots, chicken liver pate, and beef tartare as well as Italian inspired plates like homemade spaghetti with butter & black truffle. There was even fried chicken, but as a lifelong American Southerner, I've had enough of that for awhile. Well, I may try it next time. We did have a decadent starter of deep-fried foie gras-stuffed zucchini flowers, but we didn't add it to anything else.

They also had a great cocktail list, and we chatted with our friendly bartender for quite some time about their menu as well as the city in general. At the end of the meal, she brought us (and herself) a shot of whiskey to welcome us to Montreal. I can't remember the last time I had a shot of anything, but how could we refuse? Nous t'aimons, Foiegwa!

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After almost 20 years living in Atlanta, Georgia, my husband and I decided it was time to make a change. We packed up our lives, grabbed our beloved cat, and ventured North to re-make our lives in Montreal, Canada.  Did I mention we don't speak French yet?


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