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License to Drive!

I finally got my driver's license! It really isn't as big of an achievement as it sounds, but the 2 month-wait makes it seem much more monumental. No driving test or written test or anything (thank god), but it was still a bit of an ordeal what with all the paperwork they needed to make it happen. It required: my Canadian citizenship certificate, my healthcare card to prove I live in Montreal, a utility bill to prove my address, a certified driving history from my Georgia license, my Georgia license itself, and proof that I lived in Georgia for at least a 6-month period in the last year (I used some old online Georgia Power invoices). Maybe the reason you have to wait so long for an appointment is they know what an ordeal it is to get all that paperwork together.

But the most interesting part of the process was learning that the fee for a license and renewal (which is almost $100/year, so it's much higher than in the U.S.) includes an insurance policy that covers any personal injury costs if you're in any kind of accident involving driving-- even if you're a pedestrian, and even if the accident is your fault. And it covers you anywhere in the world, so while my healthcare here is covered anyway, it covers me if I drive back to the states or rent a car in another country and have an accident! Even more interestingly is it covers anyone in your car so long as the car is registered in Montreal. Meaning, if Chris were to be injured while in my car, the policy covers him too even though he isn't a citizen and doesn't have a Canadian license! This also means that your car insurance policy premiums can be a lot cheaper because you only need a policy to cover your property damage, so it balances out pretty well.

Not sure why all the people on the cover are white.

So that was made the expensive license fee a bit easier to swallow. And I think that was the last piece of administrative business I needed to complete to make this transition.

Speaking of transitions, I think my blood has officially thickened to that of a Northerner. It's been pretty consistently below 32 degrees F for the past couple of months now (sometimes way way below 32 degrees) and it really hasn't been too hard to take. Last night I was walking home in the 30 degree weather and was thinking, "Hmm, do I really need this coat? It's kinda warm." It's amazing how quickly that happens. And let's be honest: winter clothes are much cuter anyway. Mostly.

We still haven't done a great job making an effort to make new friends to do stuff with. Well, that's not quite true. Chris-the-Introvert has made an effort and had coffee/lunch with people in his French class and someone he volunteers with and someone he knows from musician stuff. Marny-the-Extrovert has sucked at it. So I guess that is going to have to be my next goal. If you know anyone in Montreal who wants to be my friend, let me know.

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After almost 20 years living in Atlanta, Georgia, my husband and I decided it was time to make a change. We packed up our lives, grabbed our beloved cat, and ventured North to re-make our lives in Montreal, Canada.  Did I mention we don't speak French yet?


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