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We Finally Have Time to do Stuff!

It seems like every weekend in Montreal there's some sort of festival or event. At least during the summertime-- I'm guessing that dries up a bit during the 6 months of frozen tundra we're in store for. Anyway, this past weekend, Chris learned the annual Asian Night Market was happening down at the Old Port, so we grabbed our appetites and hopped on the metro and got down there. Because everything is awesome, the market is a free admission event where about 70 different vendors serve street food dishes and drinks from all over Asia (at super-reasonable prices ranging from $3-$8 per dish). The hardest part is narrowing down what to eat. Do you go for stuff you already know you love like ramen or lo mein? Or do you venture out and eat something completely unfamiliar? So we did both.

This is Chris chowing down on some sort of deep-fried Chinese sausage patty thingy. It was part of a sausage combo served in a wood log (?)

Look at this pretty tea!

Taro ice cream from Ca Lem!

I think my favorite part of the event, other than the amazing food, was seeing how truly diverse the city is. There were people of all ages, races, nationalities and cultures at the Night Market-- and it really felt like people were there for the purpose of experiencing all the different cuisines, not just to get drunk (like it often feels like at festivals). Even better, since it was at the Old Port on a weekend, the whole area was crowded with people (damn tourists) but it provided an amazing view of both how beautiful the city is.

Look at all these people!

At the end of the festival, a woman was giving out promo cards for her restaurant, and when she approached us, she asked "Do you live in Montreal?" and Chris reflexively answered, "No" and then stopped and said, "Oh wait, yes we live here." We live here!

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